Health Yourself by JP

Be fit and confident in college, both physically and mentally!



"I was always very thin in high school and I played volleyball all 4 years. So I never thought that it was possible for me to gain weight. I had no idea what I was eating everyday was a disaster waiting to happen. I gained 30 pounds by the end of sophomore year and it snuck up on me. I felt awful with no energy and when I hit 160 pounds, it was a wake up call. I am now back down to my high school weight and enjoy working out again. My self esteem is better and I feel better in my clothes. It's all about nutrition. You can kill yourself in the gym and waste your time and not see results if you don't learn good nutrition." -Molly


"I knew working out was an important aspect of losing weight, but for me getting ahold of what I was putting into my body was the key. As the pounds flew off I became more confident, and felt more confident working out as well. 

Health Yourself by JP utterly changed my life. Yes she has helped me lose 40 pounds but her program gave me my life back. I’m still toning and progressing, but I’m almost at my goal. I look in the mirror and see a body I’m proud of and comfortable in. I don’t hide in clothes anymore. I don’t avoid mirrors or shopping. Love yourself at any size and any weight, CUZ YOU ARE ENOUGH. This is just what I felt like I needed to do to get back on track in life and I’m so happy I trusted her and her program. Thanks for believing in me Jan!"



"By my sophomore year of college, I had not only gained about 20 pounds, but I was also relying strongly on a plethora of anxiety medications. My energy had hit an all time low. One day it hit me. I could either be a passive viewer of my life or an active participant. Once I had the motivation to be healthy, I needed to know it was possible.  Within 2 months of receiving Jan's nutritional education, I've become (almost annoyingly) aware of what I am putting in my body. And, not only do I work out daily, but I actually enjoy it. Over the past few months my energy has doubled! I've been able to stop taking all of my anxiety medications and I'm currently down 15 pounds and counting! I can't even begin to explain how amazing it feels to become this happier and healthier version of my former self."  -Avery


Everything about the college lifestyle sets you up for weight gain,from eating out with friends, late night snacking, and the dessert bar in the dining hall. Knowing how to eat healthy and what foods to avoid is your key to success! Learn how to make good choices in the dining hall and how to cut the calories in half on pizza and Mexican night! Know what snacks to have around for those late night munchies and study breaks! Get a low calorie cocktail list, 6 easy recipes, a list of 20 healthy snacks, and a fast food guide. Success starts with healthy nutrition. Let us take the confusion out of it and set you up for success!


Join me in the six workout videos for a big calorie burn! Maintaining your fitness is challenging in college. These are designed for busy students on the go, get them done in 15-20 minutes! These routines are designed for you to do anywhere- indoors or outdoors. And they will keep you fit, sculpted, and strong for bikini season. These workout circuits will keep you mentally fit and reduce your stress levels. The 6 minute "Study Break Ab workout" will be sure to give you a flat tummy! Have some fun with a buddy and do the workouts together to stay accountable. Learn to workout efficiently in less time to see results!


Unhealthy weight gain effects your energy, your self esteem, and your motivation. Let's partner together to save you that pain. You are in the prime of your life. The best is yet to come! It all starts with knowledge and learning what to expect. This program will give you an opportunity to hear from 3 seasoned college students and what they wished they had known. Going to college is an amazing new chapter in your life. You deserve to feel, look, and be your best! This program is a game changer. It will set you up to WIN!


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