Total Transformation Weight Loss Course


ALL FACTS, NO FADS! Get Ready! This online course has 12 videos that will equip you with everything needed to reach your weight loss goal.  The strategies in this course are based on science and have helped hundreds of people lose weight, and even reverse their high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and restore their gut health. You will learn practical strategies to put into action immediately to start losing! You will learn how to adopt these habits for life.  It's your time to be your best again! It's time to Health Yourself! 

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  • 12 nutritional videos
  • 8 Fitness videos
  • grocery lists & starter meal plan pack
  • carbohydrate substitution list
  • smoothie recipes
  • low calorie cocktail list
  • hunger hack list




Jan takes you on a deep-dive into:

  • The Power of Nutrition. Losing weight is 80% nutrition, 20% exercise. Learn how to nail down your nutrition to see results!
  • The 3 C's of Success. Commitment, Consistency, Control.
  • Body measurement chart is included. We will also track "non-scale" victories such as stress levels, sleep quality, and  confidence.
  • The Golden Rule of weight loss and how many calories you need each day
  • Carbohydrates and the effects of insulin on weight. Learn the good carbs verses the bad carbs, detoxing from sugar, and how to stop cravings! You will also learn about intermittent fasting and the easiest way to do it. 
  • Veggies & the Gut Microbiome
  • Healthy proteins and fats and how much you need. Fats are getting a lot of attention right now. But the wrong fats can lead to inflammation and more weight gain. Let's break down those myths about fat!
  • How to exercise efficiently to increase your lean tissue and metabolism. You may not need to exercise more- just exercise smarter! 8 Fitness videos included.
  • Sleep & Stress. Did you know that it is nearly impossible to lose weight without getting enough sleep? You will also learn about the stress hormone cortisol. You will learn how to identify "trigger" foods. 
  • Positive Mindset. You will learn many tips here to make these new habits permanent. You will become aware of when you are feeding your feelings verses feeding real hunger. You will learn tips on meal planning and prepping to set yourself up for success. 

What value do you place on having more energy, more confidence, and feeling your best again? What value do you place on being in control of your health and free of disease?

Jan brings to you her expertise and experience of 25 years as a Registered Nurse, Certified Weight Management Specialist, Fitness Trainer, Health Coach, and Corporate Wellness Manager. She has helped hundreds of people reach their goals with these same strategies. 

Jan delivers this teaching to you in an inspiring, motivating, and no nonsense way! You will be able to immediately put these strategies to work TODAY!

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This is your time.  It's your time to be your best again. It's time to Health Yourself!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

The Total Transformation Weight Loss program has a 30 day money back guarantee, subject to furnishing proof that you followed the program. I am confident that you will lose weight if you follow the recommendations in the program! 


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