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Meal Plans

Great DEAL! Eat healthy while hunkering down! For only $14/month, you will receive a new meal plan each week with a grocery list. These meal plans are designed for you to lose up to 4 pounds per week while staying full and eating for optimal health & prevention. If you don't like to log your food, this is for you! All the calories are already calculated. Here's everything this program includes:
*Weekly meal plan and grocery list
*New workouts each month 
*Wellness Wednesdays health coaching videos to keep you accountable. It's like having your own wellness coach right in your back pocket!
*Members also get a 50% off discount code for the Total Transformation Program as a member perk if you choose to purchase that program too
*Vitamin/Supplement list with recommended brand names
*Red/Yellow/Green food list as a guide for eating out
*Body measurement chart
All this for less than .50 cents per day! 

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Total Transformation Course

This is an online nutrition course that will teach you the foundation for eating healthy for the rest of your life. Jan takes the confusion out of nutrition and weight loss. All facts, no fads. Immediate and convenient access from any device anywhere- now on an app too! This video course covers healthy carbs, proteins, fats, ridding cravings, intermittent fasting, gut microbiome health, sleep, stress hormones, emotional eating, exercising to increase metabolism, positive mindset, & planning and prepping. Downloads include: grocery list & starter meal plan pack, carb substitution list, low calorie cocktails, body measurement chart and more! As a bonus, get 8 fitness videos designed for busy people to do in 20 minutes for real results. Members get 50% off this course! See the Health Yourself Tribe Membership. 

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Private Coaching & Grocery Tours

Prefer to learn face to face? Coaching can be done over Zoom or in person for Charleston area residents. Private Coaching services are tailored towards your goals. Services include:  nutritional assessment and overhaul, weight loss coaching, disease management for heart health or diabetes, & nutrition for athletes. We will start with a thorough initial assessment of your lifestyle, medical history, medications, discuss your goals, set a timeline for success, and a plan of action. You will learn exactly what to eat and a calorie range for optimal health. Coaching covers healthy carbs, proteins, fats, ridding cravings, intermittent fasting, gut microbiome health, sleep, stress hormones, emotional eating, exercising to increase metabolism, positive mindset, & planning/prepping. A list of recommended vitamins and supplements is included too. We can also go grocery shopping! 

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Health Yourself for College

Your secret weapon to stay fit & healthy at college! Developed by Jan and her 2 college daughters, this program is a game changer! With 12 informative videos covering a range of topics such as dining hall choices, stress eating, eating out with friends, and so much more! Power Packed fitness videos designed for busy students to do in 20 minutes anywhere with no equipment needed. Also included are interviews with college students sharing their secrets of success and how to avoid the pitfalls.  All content including the workouts are accessible on the app now! And 4 Bonus handouts include healthy snacks, a Starbucks guide, a low calorie cocktail list (for those over 21), and 6 easy recipes for apartment cooking. 

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Meet Jan 

Jan is a magazine contributor, speaker, and guest blogger, sharing her expertise in nutrition and fitness, and using her clinical nursing background to incorporate disease prevention. Jan is a passionate speaker and has been a guest on numerous podcasts, sharing her message and empowering her listeners to take control of their health through nutrition. Jan bases all of her teaching on science, no fad diets that can't sustain. Jan takes the confusion out of nutrition and makes it simple.  To book Jan for a podcast, speaking engagement, or guest blogging, email [email protected]  Follow Jan on instagram @Health_Yourself_by JP and  Facebook @HealthYourself.JP

Over 8700+ pounds lost in 9 years!



"I was addicted to sugar and bad carbs. Now I know what carbs are good for me and my appetite is in control! My goal was to lose 30 pounds and I lost 31! I am now working on getting stronger in the gym and maintaining my weight has been no problem because I have such a better understanding of nutrition. I still have cheat meals but I know exactly how to get back on track the next day."  -Molly


"Health Yourself by JP utterly changed my life. Yes she has helped me lose 40 pounds but her program gave me my life back. I’m still toning and progressing, but I’m almost at my goal. I look in the mirror and see a body I’m proud of and comfortable in. I don’t hide in clothes anymore. I don’t avoid mirrors or shopping. Love yourself any size and any weight, CUZ YOU ARE ENOUGH. This is just what I felt like I needed to do to get back on track in life and I’m so happy I trusted her and her program. Thanks for believing in me Jan!"


"Health Yourself by JP program provides amazing nutritional insights. I am using it to keep my resolution and get back in shape! Lost 10 pounds in the first 2 weeks!"

Sean Spicer
Former White House Press Secretary

"The value of this program in my life can not be overstated. I have lost 25 pounds with Jan's coaching while learning the value of nutrition which has allowed me to change my lifestyle in a safe, effective, and easy way. Many of my lessons present ideas and ways of thinking that I would've never considered otherwise, allowing me to make strong choices that support my emotional well-being. This program is also guided and allows you to have support as you go through the weight loss program."


"After countless attempts to get back in shape & lose weight I finally had success working with Jan. Jan was instantly able to make my transformation incredibly simple. By utilizing her depth of knowledge Jan came up with an attainable and effective plan that worked from the start. The passion that Jan exudes is real and transferable and she is always available to answer questions, give counsel, or offer encouragement. At the risk of sounding really corny…The Jan Plan will make you the Man! (or woman) You want to be! "



Did you know that the most powerful determinant of your weight and overall health is not genetics or how much you exercise? It's NUTRITION!  Learn the secrets of fat loss, rid cravings, and feel full! No more guessing! No more confusion!

Clinical Expertise

Receive expert clinical advice from a Registered Nurse, Certified Weight Management Specialist, and fitness trainer.  About 95% of cases of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes are reversible. Imagine being free from medications!


   You can't separate the mind from the body. Stress hormones, lack of sleep, & inflammation can wreck havoc on your weight and your health. A holistic approach is important. A positive mindset and the right support allows you to take control and feel confident again!

Gut Health Talk with Dr. B!

Dr. Bulsiewicz and I talk gut health! Join the party and listen in!


It's time!

Exercise to be STRONG, not skinny! Fitness videos included in all programs!


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